How to increase a restaurant’s revenue by 30% with one web service

3 min readFeb 24, 2021

Leading fast-food chains are improving the quality of their service every day by choosing the best technology for conducting internal business processes. KFC, Subway and Burger King have used the r_keeper system, developed by UCS, in their work for a long time. However, over time, demands change and even the most innovative solutions need updating.

When the industry’s leading corporations are among your clients, responsibility for the product’s performance increases significantly. The slightest inaccuracy in the development or upgrade of a product can tarnish the solution developer’s reputation for many years. Therefore, when UCS was faced with the task of creating a cloud-based WebManager service and updating their cash register system r_keeper, the company held a tender to select a contractor for its software development. OmegaLab was invited on board as a partner in the implementation of the application interface.

20 weeks / 1 colleague / 1 web service

The Challenge

The customer had a tight deadline for the release of a new product on the market, so we were faced with the task of implementing our block of work in the shortest possible time frame. According to the technical specifications from the customer, OmegaLab specialists formed the following areas of work:

  • Applying the layouts according to the requirements of the technical specifications;
  • Implementation of the user interface logic;
  • Ensuring the correct operation of the frontend in conjunction with the backend.

The Project
Having joined forces with the UCS specialists, we proceeded to create a cloud-based WebManager service. Our team took care of the UI, while the r_keeper developers worked on the backend. The work was carried out in fortnightly SCRUM sprints.

Technology stack used: Vue2, Quasar, SCSS, Typescript.

The History of the Project

UCS develops software for enterprise automation in the hospitality and entertainment industry. One of the company’s most in-demand products is the r_keeper system, which automates processes in the food services industry. With this product, the company has automated the operations of more than 65,000 restaurants in 53 countries around the world.

The restaurant business is a very dynamic industry; therefore, IT solution manufacturers must respond quickly to new customer demands and evolve their product. Therefore, UCS needed to update and improve the r_keeper software. The task was to create a WebManager web service.

The work on the backend side was carried out by the r_keeper developers by UCS, and our team was invited to participate in working on the implementation of the application user interface.

The Results

OmegaLab specialists completed the necessary block of work on time, which allowed UCS to start the next stage of application development in a timely manner.

The updated version of r_keeper will optimize the configuration of the cash register system and the operational work of employees in establishments that have to deal with data based around a type of “menu” (dishes, discounts, prices, taxes, etc.), and “employees” (lists, access rights), which means it will contribute to making the restaurant business more efficient and successful.

“In our work, we adhere to high quality standards, which is why r_keeper is used by global brands in the restaurant business. We approach the selection of contractors just as thoroughly, using a number of selection criteria. To implement the task of optimizing the work of the web solution for r_keeper, we chose OmegaLab, because the work experience and qualifications of the company’s specialists were assessed by us to be of a high level. I would like to note that cooperation with OmegaLab was very productive — all tasks within the project were completed on time, and the proposed solutions proved to be effective in developing the application. I believe that OmegaLab coped with their task very well, and I would recommend them as specialists in the development of web solutions. “

A.Korchak, General Director of UCS r_keeper