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4 min readDec 18, 2020

Is testing a necessity or a waste of time? Most companies are unanimously in agreement with the first option, but these days there are supporters of the other point of view. In our line of work there have been cases in which, through chasing deadlines and the desire to release a new product as soon as possible, the customer has neglected to pay sufficient attention to this key stage. Either it came at the wrong moment, when the staff didn’t have the necessary specialists available and there was no time to find a competent outsourcing team, or the testing was carried out but not in enough depth. The result is wasted money, a failed project, and the loss of existing customers, while any chance of attracting any new ones can be completely forgotten.

It is evident, therefore, that the testing of a software product is one of the most important stages of its development. Indeed, before a company can present their new product to consumers, they must be 100% sure of its performance. It is therefore essential to identify critical bugs on time, check all vital product functionality, conduct a robust interface analysis, and implement any recommendations for improvement. The expertise of the testers at this point should be second to none.

Understanding the importance of this stage, SKB LAB invited OmegaLab specialists onto their project.

The Challenge

Our task was to instantly integrate ourselves into the project to conduct a detailed screening and to improve the web service and mobile applications of a well-known bank. We were to work as part of the SKB LAB team. To ensure the timely detection and guaranteed elimination of any critical bugs, it was necessary to employ both automated and manual testing. Only such multi-stage testing as this would allow SKB LAB to avoid critical errors, ensure the smooth and precise operation of the web services and release a high-quality product.

The timeframe for the project was 31 weeks.

31 weeks / 6 employees / 3 objectives

The Project

5 of our QA specialists joined the project: 3 of them in the regression team to ensure the quality of the main section, 1 was involved in the product team, and 1 worked on testing automation. As such, the OmegaLab team constituted around 1/4 of the SKB LAB regression team, the cooperation having started with the engagement of one person.

Most of our specialists took part in regression (i.e. regression testing), checking whether the functionality was working correctly following the update before everything went into production. The testing architecture was chosen, alternating: 2–3 days allotted to conduct 600–700 tests of the web service, meanwhile 1000–1200 tests of the mobile application for iOS and Android were also carried out. This architecture was not determined by chance. As a result, tasks are distributed according to access rights and workload. One person goes through cases and analyses bugs, while someone else helps to create test clients.

Our technology stack and team comprised of:

vpn, vdi, slack, wiki (confluence), youtrack, testlink, jenkins, gitlab, tfm

  • 1 Project manager
  • 5 Testers

About the client

SKB LAB is an IT-project, created to develop a web service and applications for an innovative mobile bank for individuals and corporations. The bank was created on a modern IT-platform that provides entirely remote financial management for their customers’ ventures. The bank’s clients have access to settlement and cash services, deposits, merchant acquiring, online cash desk, online accounting, tax calculation and payment, legal advice, detailed analytics, and many other services.

The Results

As a result, the bank will offer their customers prompt and uninterrupted operation of web services and applications with updated functionalities. The bank’s mobile application has already won several achievements in industry ratings and is recognised as the best in the market for entrepreneurs. It is a pleasure to be involved in such developments.

As for SKB LAB, the company has found in us reliable partners, ready to engage quickly in any stage of a project, be it testing, design or development. In the future we will be able to significantly save time and resources for SKB LAB that they would usually spend on recruitment for the project. Our partnership will help SKB LAB to maintain the high quality of the application and successfully develop their business in the future.

*1st place in the Business Mobile Banking Rank 2020 for the best mobile bank for iOS and Android

“Throughout the project, we realised that the expertise of the specialists isn’t limited to the scope of the assigned tasks. They always suggest, predict, and recommend the best solution according to the situation. In addition to hard skills, all the specialists have soft skills. Together, these qualitatively distinguish OmegaLab from other development companies. I can confidently say that, in OmegaLab, we have found a reliable partner who can be entrusted to solve even the most demanding of tasks.”


QA Team Lead at SKB LAB