The urgent integration of a project team for a public-sector client

What do you do when timeframes are short, the public-sector project is at risk of failure, and you don’t have enough people? How do you solve the problem of a lack of data, and build communication on a project so that the team starts delivering from the first week, and how this may be accelerated further?

Within a week, our team had already integrated into a project that had four years of history and complex architecture. Work was simultaneously carried out along three lines:

  • Developing a gateway for receiving electronic data;

As a result, within two months, OmegaLab helped IBS to meet internal deadlines and deliver a major project to their client on time.

Continue reading to learn how to complete a massive job in a short time, while solving any emergencies that may arise during the project.

Naturally, when there is no time for regular planning, something can go wrong. And so it did.

The Challenge

  • A lack of data for transit due to work beginning concurrently.

Work on the project started on three fronts simultaneously: Database, backend and frontend. When the backend and frontend developers enter into the project sequentially, the latter can immediately start working on data transit. But here the Java programmers responsible for data transit to the User Interface (UI) layer had nothing to transfer.

Solution: The Java programmers on the controllers had to create fake data so that the UI programmers could begin work. Subsequently, as real content was created in the database, controllers were added to the Java, and thus the UI became real.

  • Synchronising the database.

To meet the technical requirements, Java must not only transfer data from the database to the UI, but also synchronise with the database of a third-party service.

Solution: We developed a complex data loading system, where two types of synchronisation could respond to user behaviour. Currently, the user’s documents are uploaded to their personal account straight after their first visit, in the future, the entire workflow will be synchronised with other automated workspaces in real-time.

  • Coordinating work with regards to other project teams.

Even under perfect management, on such a complex project with dozens of development teams snags appear where areas of responsibility overlap. It is not uncommon for a service to be written and ready for on-time delivery, but with no means of testing as the adjacent module is not yet finished.

Solution: We worked closely with three teams: AWS (automated workspace) management, desk audits, and an electronic workflow management system. During the project, our team adapted to situations: they added stubs, initiated discussions and made modifications based on efficiency and overall project success. We agreed on some of the test data (mocks) with teams developing related modules.

  • Tight deadlines.

Only two months were allocated for the implementation of the project. Given that we had just a week to form a team, become integrated, and refine the whole system, there was no room for error.

Solution: the whole team consisted of experienced middle+ developers. When work is not carried out sequentially, but in parallel along several lines at once, new data appears every day and inconsistencies arise. For the successful implementation of the work, we took a proactive position in our communications with IBS and other project teams. Working 24/7, with several multi-level conference calls a day and clear synchronisation of activities allowed us to deliver the work on time.

6 employees / 8 weeks 1 functional component

Our team was responsible for developing a gateway for receiving electronic documents, which was necessary to ensure a smooth workflow between the clients and the management organisation.

Such a gateway allows for downloading, receiving and retrieving data, signing and verifying electronic signatures, and tracking the movement of documents. We had to complete the project strictly within two months.

IBS specialists clearly defined the functional objective of the module:

  • To receive, process, and store in the database the entire workflow history from a third-party AWP.

The Project

The process of integration into the project only took us a week, despite involving several stages: interviews with all the project participants, preparing relevant documentation, IBS accreditation, and then deep immersion into the long-term project.

We faced a number of tasks:

  • Working along three different lines at once: database, backend and frontend, which is rather rare.

The history of the project

IBS is among the leading companies in the IT-services sector. IBS is a key technology partner for many large companies and government bodies, offering consultation services, software customisation and system integration.

While working on a large-scale project for a public sector client, IBS required urgent assistance in developing an electronic workflow management gateway as part of a large-scale system for thousands of users with various access rights. We had to complete the necessary work within a clearly defined timeframe, so that IBS would not miss their deadline with their public sector client.

The Results

What IBS gained by choosing us as their partner:

  • High-quality and fast recruitment for the client’s requirements.

As a result, the module architecture and its business logic were implemented and launched in accordance with all the requirements. This means that IBS, in turn, can fulfil all of their obligations to the public sector client.

“We are pleased that our experience and ability to work together under pressure was of benefit to our partner IBS and that this could contribute to the successful launch of a new component for this highly complex system. Frankly, our objective was to show ourselves in action: how we select a team for a task, how we enter into a project, how we manage difficult situations — and we did a good job.”

I. Derevensky

Project manager at OmegaLab

“I always think that the key to success is teamwork. Here we witnessed a good, well-coordinated team at work. A competent team leader and developers who understand their work. This is valuable and important when there is a tight deadline.”

M. Kovtun

Project manager at IBS



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