The urgent integration of a project team for a public-sector client

  • Developing a gateway for receiving electronic data;
  • Synchronising data with an external automated workspace (AWS);
  • An online workflow status display, regardless of where and how the document entered the system.
  • A lack of data for transit due to work beginning concurrently.
  • Synchronising the database.
  • Coordinating work with regards to other project teams.
  • Tight deadlines.
  • To receive, process, and store in the database the entire workflow history from a third-party AWP.
  • To upload documents and electronic signatures and send them to a third-party AWS; to process them and store them in the third-party AWS database.
  • To view workflow history with a third-party AWS.
  • Working along three different lines at once: database, backend and frontend, which is rather rare.
  • In addition to functioning as storage, the database needs to supply the business logic: outputting certain data to transfer to the UI.

The history of the project

  • High-quality and fast recruitment for the client’s requirements.
  • The ability to work concurrently with a database, backend and frontend, i.e. fully take responsibility for the individual job.
  • A profound understanding of the processes and timings of different project teams and the ability to take the initiative.
  • Tasks completed accurately, despite unprecedentedly tight timeframes.



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